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Hacks In Development

MegaMan The Bluegrass Conspiracy

This is to be my first true overhaul hack.  That is I am working on changing the world so much that it'll appear as a whole new game.  This includes graphics, levels, and if I can figure out how, music.

This is my first delve into GameBoy hacking.  In this hack, levels will have many pitfalls and spikes removed, and enemies' will have less HP than in the original game.

Zelda II in Pig Latin

Ready for a translation that is meant to give you a laugh?  Here is a text hack where all of the text in Zelda II is converted into Pig Latin.

I have finally got around creating a website dedicated to my romhacks.  Since the beginning I wanted to create a site where I can post information regarding my progress on the games I am hacking, game help on my more detailed hacks, and my opinions of game hacks I have tried.


Welcome to the site and by all means, if you have any questions, suggestions, or critiques, send me an email at

Latest News

Dr. Wily's Revenge Simplified

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